Saturday, February 18, 2012

Super Why Cake!


My friend has requested that I make a "Super Why" cake for her sons birthday, so I am going to attempt to transform my soccer ball cake into the PBS character.

I baked a box cake, for a bit longer than the directions on the box specified for because the middle of the ball was still very gooey well after the buzzer had gone off.
After the cake was done, I cut it in half and placed a layer of icing in between and covered the outside of the cake as well.

I then colored a ball of fondant to match Super Whys skin tone. I used this fondant to make a small ball shaped like his nose as well as rolled out the rest to about 1/8-1/4 thick
Placed rolled fondant over the cake and cut away the excess.
Colored fondant for mask...
Then I used the cake pan to measure and cut the mask for his face.
Not too shabby :) I would have loved to keep the eye holes round, but what can you do!

And then I added a couple of fondant ears and glued them in with a little chocolate.
I then cut out black, blue and white circles for his eyes and layered them in the holes of the mask, and rolled out a cute little rope to make a smiling mouth.

Last but not least I melted chocolate candies in a ziplock bag in the microwave, then snipped the corner to make a throw away piping bag.  I drew most of the hair directly on the cake, but also piped some chocolate lines on a piece of parchment paper and let them dry. This made it possible to place the cute "Dennis the Menace' hairs at the top of his part.
And DONE! :)


  1. Wasn't sure where it was going until the sixth image, at which point I became certain it would be a breast. I was somewhat disappointed... Still, Glad to see more awesome stuff on here!

  2. This is so great! My two year old would LOVE it.